Specialist industries serviced

Many companies carrying out trading activities abroad are unaware of their VAT registration and compliance obligations in other countries. Avoid the risk of significant penalties for failure or delay in registration!

Event Organizers

Organisers of exhibitions, conferences, seminars and other events will normally be required to register and account for VAT in the country where the event takes place. Related costs are recoverable subject to the normal rules of deduction in the country.


Distance sales to individuals or non-registered entities in other countries will require the vendor to register for VAT in the country to which goods are supplied, once the registration threshold has been exceeded.

Transport companies

With the significant cost of fuel and tolls for transport companies operating abroad, VAT Company can help you to reduce costs and manage your VAT and diesel tax refunds.


VAT Company can provide VAT registration and compliance, VAT and MOT recovery services to aircraft management companies, cargo carriers, corporate flight departments and so forth.

Exporters/Warehouse Regime

Where consignments of goods are sent to another EU country to create a stock to supply customers or where goods are subject to a Customs warehousing regime, VAT Company can provide advice, registration and compliance services where required.

Supply and Install Contractors

Contractors, who supply goods cross-border for which they are also responsible for the installation, will normally, be required to either register for VAT in the country where the goods are installed or apply to the tax authority to use a simplification procedure in order to avoid registration. VAT Company will advise on the transactions and handle the VAT registration and compliance or simplified procedure application.


Insurance Premium Tax is an indirect tax levied on risk contracts issued by insurance companies, captives and underwrites. It covers most insurance policies and originates an IPT liability in the country of risk.