Tax consultancy

The launch of a new product line, change in distribution channels, expansion to new markets and undertaking of new business activities require prior tax advice.

Our consulting team can prepare reports on the international VAT implications of specific projects or transactions and advise you on the best course of action when carrying out your cross-border business activities.

Issues to take into consideration:

  • Is VAT registration required/ beneficial?
  • When and how should VAT returns be filed?
  • Which are the invoicing rules/ requirements?
  • When and how much VAT to charge?
  • How can I recover/ deduct the VAT paid?
  • Which is the applicable Law and rule?
  • Is Reverse Charge Mechanism applicable?
  • Do I need to file Intrastat/ EU sales declarations?
  • E-commerce and distant sales obligations;
  • Supply and installation contracts;
  • Triangular operations;
  • Warehousing and consignment of goods;
  • Event organisation outside home country;
  • Imports and exports;
  • Intra-Community sales;
  • Transfer pricing.