Vat recovery

The recovery of VAT incurred abroad is a considerable cost reduction and due to lack of information or excessive bureaucracy it is often overlooked by most of the companies.

VAT Company  offers:

  • Free VAT analysis undertaken;
  • Facilitates the VAT recovery procedure;
  • Takes away the burden of VAT recovery;
  • Retrieval of invoices at clients’ premises;
  • Professionals specialised in VAT recovery procedures;
  • VAT recovery fees payable on a successful refund;
  • Competitive prices.
Reduce your costs and recover your European VAT in more than 30 countries!

Correction of Invoices

When invoices do not meet the requirements for VAT recovery, we ask to the supplier to reissue them. We provide this service at no additional cost to our Client.

Credit Notes

When suppliers incorrectly charge VAT, we shall request the respective Credit Note from them. We will provide this service at no additional cost for our Client.


This service significantly reduces the administrative workload of the Client and consists of retrieving invoices by specialised professionals at the Client’s premises.

Incorrectly charged VAT in Spain

We will apply for the refund of any VAT incorrectly charged and paid to the Tax Authorities in cases where such supply of goods and/or services are not subject to VAT or VAT exempt in Spain. The taxable persons have a right to be refunded with interest for any undue VAT paid to the Tax Authorities within four years from the date payment was made.